Sunday, January 15, 2006

Full Moon

For a long time, I've wanted to take some time-exposures up at the Jesuit cemetery... last night, with a full moon out, I had the opportunity. :) This (having a 6.32 second exposure time) is one of the better pictures that came out~ I cropped the picture and straightened it a bit but didn't mess with the saturation or anything.


hal said...!!!
if depth was the theme, that's your!!!

MrsDoc said...

Very nice!

hal said...

monnie...what you were seeing !!! what were you feeling ??? was that the idea? and can you recall both with a thought?
stunning work of art.

Monnie said...

I'm afraid it wasn't so magical in person. :) It looked the same, but it was pretty chilly out, so when I took it I was mostly concentrating on keeping the camera still and trying not to shiver. :P
I enjoy going through my finished products after the fact and looking at what turned out, but usually when I'm taking pictures I'm concentrating on some of the more technical aspects (although not to the exclusion of the artistic aspect).

hal said...

monnie... i can feel the chill! the clouds seem to run to infinity behind the cross while the moon stands still! this caused by the length of the time lapse,(clouds moving much farther in 6.32 seconds than the moon), did you capture a magic moment,or both? and what was the plan and what were you hoping to capture, in your minds eye, before the shoot?