Monday, March 09, 2009

Admiration and Wonder

This is my submission for this week's contest over at I *Heart* Faces. The theme this week is "creative crop." I'm going to go ahead and make this my entry for both categories - kids and adults.

So here is the submission photo - a new auntie looking with wonder at her one-week-old niece:

And here is the original, as it was SOOC:
Thanks for stopping by!


MamaBear said...

WELL DONE! You zoomed right into the emotion of the moment. I like how her hair falls into the frame giving the photo more interest.

Sharon said...

so beautiful... what a warm and loving moment... almost missed by the SOOC. great job!

Shae said...

what a wonderful shot! I love the look on each of the faces.

Sandra said...

I love this one.
You captured the emotions very well.

Rachel said...

That is PRECIOUS!! I love it!

Jen Smith said...

Love this!