Monday, September 12, 2005

A Student's Life

Comments? Feedback? Whaddya think?


L. said...

That you cut and edited into b&w from the pic on your Mamothca blog.


Oh, how it looks? Well, the facade is one of study. No one can judge intentions...either of the photographer or photographee. (?)

Keep 'em comin', chickie! :) :)

Monnie said...

hardy, har, har...

Well, I thought it was rather artistic, myself. :) I had to do more than just click "B&W" ... I cropped, straightened, and saturated it, just so. :P

And WHAT?! :O is that implication about the photographer and photographee? :O I've spoken MAYBE 2 words to the guy. It was merely a photogenic pose, I thought.

Christalin said...

Hey Monnie!
I really like how you did that! Keep it up! :) ~Chris~

MrsDoc said...

I like the black and white effect. It gives it a "timeless" feel in a sense, even though an "old-fashioned" effect. This scene could be today, or it could be 40 years ago, and still be relevant. Thanks for so many fascinating pix! -- Mom 9-15-05 afternoon (BlogStalking)

Will said...

alberts not really studying, hes faking it

Just thought you all might want to know that!