Saturday, September 24, 2005


There was a really awesome storm last night which continued for hours into the morning and dumped lots of rain on this small town. I was out there about 11:15 pm, taking pictures of the lightning with the manual 'bulb' setting on my very cool camera. :D
Here're are a few shots I liked:


Rosalie said...


Well, 'twas Thursday night to be exact, but the pictures are sooo cool!!!
*pats Mo on back*
Keep up the good work, sis! ;-)

Christalin said...

Wow!!! pretty cool there,Monnie!

Monnie said...

Thank you, my dear - though small - fan club! :)

(Rosalie, if you look at the time stamp, it WAS "last night" for me, but you're right it was Thursday night to be exact.)

L. said...

...The return of this fan...makes it a big fan club...but only because Ireland made this fan bigger!
I refuse to type what was so tempting to write instead, just there...if you follow... LOL! Follow? ;)
Okay. I think Ireland made this fan tired, as well... ;)

MrsDoc said...

Those pictures are just "STRIKING"!